Are you looking to bump up your investments in real estate but fearful of the risk of investing in a single property? Do you want to add some rental properties to your portfolio to enjoy the benefits of appreciation and rising rental income without the hassles of being a landlord? Check out ROOFSTOCK, a new online platform where investors can buy shares in individual rental homes in select markets across the US. Click here to read more Continue reading


It will be like a Sportsbook on steroids as the financial world (and homeowners) waits for word from the FOMC meetings on July 30.  What will the FOMC decide when they meet on July 30?  Will they maintain the fed funds rate at current levels, drop it by .25% as most anticipate, or drop the rate even further?  How will this impact homeowners or those looking to buy and what’s the best strategy to secure the lowest rate?  If you’re looking for answers to help you  “handicap” your mortgage application or if you’ve never heard of a  rate lock-in with a one-time float down provision…read on… Click here to read more Continue reading


What are the key trends shaping pool design in 2019. From shapes to materials, lighting to amenities like swim-up bars and sun shelves there are more ways than ever to customize your pool area and enhance your aquatic experience. Click here to read more Continue reading


Actor, TV host, executive producer and nightclub owner David Arquette has listed his 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath Encino home for $4.975M. If you’ve experienced Bootsy Bellows, Poppy or The Peppermint Club, the clubs he owns with his partners at H.Wood group, you know he has a keen understanding of space and design and the role they play in creating an experience. He has clearly applied these lessons to his redesign of this ranch home previously owned by actress Kate Walsh. Bold colors and artwork, an unexpected mix of styles and rich furnishings give the home a sense of relaxed comfort and a masculine edge. A pool, tennis courts and boxing ring make it an ideal party house, perfect for one of Hollywood’s foremost party impresarios. Click here to read more Continue reading


Thinking of moving up? Not sure whether to sell your current home or hold on to it as an investment property? After all, owning property and collecting monthly rent checks can be a great path to a secure and comfortable financial future. This quick read from asks the key questions that will point you towards making the decision that is right for you.   Click here to read more


As these newly constructed homes show, new does not have to mean boxy and lacking in character. These homes combine classic architectural detailing with open floor plans to accommodate today’s lifestyles. And with a long list of amenities, these homes are perfectly suited to today’s expectations of modern luxury. Click here to read more Continue reading


The kitchen has become the centerpiece of the home today whether just for everyday family living or for more lavish entertaining. Open floor concepts have brought the kitchen front and center and that means more attention to design, layout and materials. As you’ll see in these three spectacular homes, kitchens sure aren’t what they used to be! Click here to read more Continue reading


Reverse mortgages can be an effective tool for seniors, allowing them to use the equity in their homes to create an income stream in later years. But like any financial product, it is important to understand the costs and benefits in order to evaluate if it is the right financial strategy for you. Jamie Hopkins, a contributor to Forbes clears up some of the misconceptions surrounding reverse mortgages to help guide you… Click here to read more Continue reading


It’s the morning after World Pride in New York, the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots that are marked as the launch of the modern gay rights movement. So it only seems appropriate to share this update on the cities with the best “gayborhooods” for the LGBTQ community. looked at walkability, entertainment and culture among cities with a significant population of household with same sex partners and then added in each city's score on the Human Rights Campaign Municipal Equality Index, which measures how inclusive its laws and services are for the gay community. The results may surprise you… Click here to read more Continue reading


Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are flipping incredible!!! The dynamic duo who have already purchased two new homes this year and are trying to unload several others to add to their substantial coffers have listed an oceanfront estate in Carpinteria. Purchased for $18.6M less than two years ago they have listed the estate with its nearly 7,000 sq. ft main house, detached guest house and tennis court for a whopping $24M. Now that’s the way to flip! Click here to read more Continue reading