This transformation of a vintage townhouse in San Francisco’s Nob Hill neighborhood is nothing short of spectacular. Soft, creamy colors and warm woods create a space that is elegant, inviting and breezy. But it is the addition of the top floor with the beautifully designed kitchen and entertaining areas and outdoor terrace to take in those incredible San Francisco views that really raises the bar for luxury living. Click here to read more Continue reading


The Queen of Glam, Ru Paul, just listed a 2,362 sq. ft. 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home in West Hollywood’s tony Bird Streets. If the bold designer interior doesn’t fully do it for you, then perhaps the panoramic views from the huge department store windows and the sexy pool overlooking the city and its glittering night lights may seal the deal at the asking price of just under (and I mean just!) $5M. But hey, if you can’t afford the price tag then do as Ru says and just “Sashay Away.” Click here to read more Continue reading


At 112 stories Central Park Tower on Billionaire’s Row will be New York’s tallest residential building when it is completed in 2020 (and certainly one of the most expensive). They’ve just listed their first condos for sale. Want to know more? CLick here to read more Continue reading


From the breezy, luxurious interiors to the beautiful grounds to the expansive ocean views, this two home compound in Malibu’s Point Dume offers plenty of eye candy. And if he gets anywhere near his price tag of $27.3million, it will be an awfully sweet deal for Olympian snowboarder/skateboarder Shaun White. Click here to read more Continue reading


When Jessica Alba and Cash Warren purchased their new Los Angeles home and set out to remodel the focus was on organic materials including natural fibers, hemp textures and reclaimed wood to create safe, comfortable, luxurious spaces for her family and friends. The end result is a house that provides near-perfect family functionality with easy elegance and relatively low maintenance. What more could you want in a family home? Click here to read more Continue reading


“Starter home” takes on an entirely new meaning when you are the offspring of mega-famous, mega-successful parents like Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger. For their lucky 27 year old daughter Christina, her first foray into home ownership is a luxurious 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath townhouse in Brentwood. With a start like this, one can only imagine what her first trade-up will be! Click here to read more Continue reading


Spring has been good to buyers as mortgage interest rates hover at near historical lows. But now buyers have another reason to celebrate. The slowdown in real estate price increases coupled with an uptick in inventories as more sellers list their properties have shifted the landscape, turning sellers markets into buyers markets in certain parts of the country. And where buyers have the advantage, you can expect an end to the crazy bidding wars that have driven some markets. Which markets does identify as the best buyer’s markets in the US? You’re bound to be surprised! Click here to read more Continue reading


This week there’s good news on the mortgage front. Mortgage rates continue their decline, going back down to the “3’s” this month with the average 30 year fixed rate for June at 3.82%. And now it is widely expected that the Fed may call for two more interest rate cuts this year to protect against possible impacts that the Chinese and Mexico tarrifs could have on the US economy. For the home buyer and anyone with a mortgage that might refinance these rate cuts can mean hundreds of extra dollars in your pocket each month. Click here to read more Continue reading


Without fail, when I give people a tour of my home I call out my powder room as my favorite room I the house. And for good reason! I took chances in this room, and I spent lavishly on the relatively small space. The result? A solid onyx tower that stands as the sink…and my source of pride. It appears that I am not alone. For many, the powder room is the one room where people make an outsized design statement, taking risks and reflecting personality unlike any other room in the house. Click here to read more Continue reading


This week’s “Celebrity Moves’ has a bit of a personal/family connection. Actress Katie Cassidy, star of the TV series “Arrow” made quick work of finding a buyer for her 3000 sq. ft. Encino home. Cassidy is the daughter of actor/singer David Cassidy and granddaughter of Jack Cassidy who tragically died in a fire in the West Hollywood penthouse I own and live in. Continue reading