Few materials read luxury in home décor like marble.  With its rich and varied colorations and patterns, it adds interest to any room.  And it isn’t just for floors and countertops anymore.  Today designers are using it for furniture, wall coverings, and mantles, integrating it with other materials to create looks that are current, yet timeless.  No, it isn’t inexpensive, but marble is an investment that will pay off in your home’s design for many years to come.   Click here to read more Continue reading


It all started with plucking a few eyebrows.  In fact, I recall when Anastasia Soare was just starting out here in the mid-1990’s and we promoted her in our Oscar Suite (I represented a number of fashion lines at the time).  She was beautiful.  She was warm and kind.  And she knew her craft. Now a cosmetics superstar with a beauty empire estimated to be worth in the billions, Ms. Soare has cracked the gates of Beverly Park with her purchase of this 9400 sq ft. estate.  According to some, this house is considered a “tear down” (though that may shock some) with it’s 1990’s lineage and relatively small footprint (compared to the rest of the community).  What will Ms. Soare do with the property?  It remains to be seen. Click here to read more Continue reading


Is Kayne West looking to transfer his trendsetting fashion image and branding to the real estate market? It appears so. The style mogul recently built several “Star-Wars” inspired domes on his Calabasas property, purportedly to house the homeless, but oooops…he forgot to get permits. As they say, “you can’t fight city hall”, so rather than put up a battle, Mr. West tore the structures down. But don’t rule out a future for these odd looking domes. Mr. West commissioned these from Yeezy Home, a division of his fashion empire Yeezy, as part of his commitment to house the homeless. And Kayne West doesn’t give up easily! A shout out to you Kayne! Thank you for stepping out to do something for the homeless while so many others stand on the sidelines wringing their hands. Click here to read more Continue reading


Much like the actress herself, Meryl Streep's Tribeca penthouse is gracious and sophisticated, reflecting a level of luxury and glamour that befits her star status. And those incredible views!!!!   Click here to read more Continue reading

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis buy Silver Lake Home

It looks like Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are going to live the bi-coastal lifestyle. The New York-based couple bought a Spanish-style home in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles for $3.5 million, which was $150,000 more than the asking price, according to Variety. Built-in 1928 and set on a .13-acre lot, the four-bedroom, 3.5 bathroom home was completely remodeled in 2016: the interior was re-worked with more contemporary design while the exterior got a make-over but still remains period-correct. Click here to read more Continue reading

YouTube’s the Dolan Twins Buy Midcentury House

With their 20th birthdays looming in December, the teens are making the move from their equally stylish rental home in Encino to a $2.5 million ranch-style home in the nearby hills. It is a perfect size, style, and space for the influencers, coming in at 3,000 sq. ft. with four bedrooms and a spacious backyard—more than enough room for their wild antics. Click here to read more Continue reading


Iconic fashion designer Bestey Johnson is ready to sashay away from her Paradise Cove mobile home for a mere $1.95million. That’s right…a mobile home for nearly $2M. But this is not the kind of mobile home you’d normally think of! Paradise Cove is one of several luxury mobile home parks in the Malibu area boasting a host of amenities including tennis courts, clubhouses, gated security…and beach access. All the best that the Malibu lifestyle has to offer for the price of a small house in the city…sounds like a deal to me! Click here to read more Continue reading


It used to be that you could pretty well guess where your parent’s friends were heading come retirement time. Miami, Boca, Palm Beach, Phoenix, Scottsdale or Palm Springs were the popular options. But things are changing as the Boomer generation looks to make their retirement move. They want to maintain their active lifestyles in cities with great restaurant scenes, cool cultural options and walkable neighborhoods. And they are looking for where they can get the most bang for their buck. Where are they going? Check it out… Click here to read more Continue reading


It is looking to be more and more of a buyer’s market this fall as fears of recession and job loss are dampening market activity.  Despite historically low-interest rates buyers are hesitating to jump into the market and competitive bidding is less and less the norm.  For buyers who are ready, this is great news!  Less competition means more favorable pricing.  Coupled with low mortgage rates that’s a recipe for good value. Click here to read more Continue reading


Mohamed Hadid, the controversial developer, and father of supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid has purchased a surprisingly modest home in the Beverly Hills Post office for an ere $4.5M. That’s a far cry from the BH mega-mansion he sold last year for $56M. But Mr.Hadid isn’t exactly slumming it. His new digs include 4 beds and 4 baths in nearly 4300 feet of beautifully styled interiors with plenty of room for family nights at home or even some rather lavish partying. Click here to read more Continue reading