As a graduate of the University of Chicago MBA program, I am a firm believer in the diversification of investment portfolios. So this new housing ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) profiled in Forbes really caught my attention. The Hoya Capital Housing ETF (HOMZ) covers a broad spectrum of companies engaged in housing and housing-related services from homebuilders to home improvement companies, rental services, and even technology. Because each of these companies will respond in different ways to movements in the economy and interest rates, they reduce volatility by providing a counterbalance. With housing costs affecting virtually every American, this may be one of the most important investment tools to come along in a long while. Click here to read more Continue reading


The star-studded enclave of Star Island in Miami Beach may be the #1 spot on my real estate wish list. And now, one of the most magnificent properties there has hit the market. Grammy Award-winning musicians Gloria and Emilio Estefan have re-listed their sprawling 1.34 estate featuring a separate guest house, "La Casita," sprawling waterfront views, and luxury amenities including a private dock and 24-hour security. One look at this house and you’re sure to feel that “Everlasting Love”. Click here to read more Continue reading


An interesting take on design inspiration from the interiors and houses that set the scene in some of Disney’s most memorable animated classics…..   Click here to read more Continue reading


You can live like “The Boss” in Melissa McCarthy’s easy, elegant bungalow in Toluca Lake. Updated with sophisticated, contemporary style this 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath home with private Zen-like backyard and pool can be yours, fully furnished for just $10,000/mo. But be careful not to scuff the floors or you might be asking “Can You Ever Forgive Me?”   Click here to read more Continue reading


When does a theme go too far in home design? A Hillsborough, CA homeowner is being sued by her community for “creating an eyesore” with her Flintstone’s themed house, widely visible in the affluent town. Florence Fang, a Bay Area businesswoman and former publisher of the San Francisco Examiner surely has a sense of fun in her expression of the perfect home for the “modern stone age family”. But is her idea of fun encroaching on the quality of life for her neighbors? What do you think? Click here to read more Continue reading


The news was good for homebuyers last week as The Federal Reserve announced that it would not increase its benchmark rate at Wednesday’s meeting.  Along with the news that the Fed is unlikely to hike rates for the rest of 2019, the mortgage lending community is predicting rates will continue to drop in the coming weeks as the spring market heats up.  Cheap money means lower monthly payments, so now is a good time to get out of your rental or, if you already own, consider moving up.  Click here to read more Continue reading


When the promise is a peek at the most extravagant mansions in the world, how can you resist?  From a mansion on the Atlantic in Florida inspired by the Palace of Versailles to a Connecticut mansion with a moat, tower and stone walls, you won’t believe what these homes have to offer.   Click here to read more Continue reading


Ask a dozen different designers about key trends and you’re likely to get a dozen different answers.  No matter the response, there is something in their answer that is sure to inspire.  If you’re thinking of doing any updating on your home this year the design duo Alexis Rodgers and Pam Mamourian of “Home With Alexis” have some great ideas for you. Click here to read more Continue reading


I don’t know about you, but I’ve already set my TIVO to grab the new ABC series “The Fix”.  Now it seems one of the stars of the series, Breckin Meyer, has gotten a fix of his own.  His brand new home in Valley Village is big (4100 sq ft) and beautiful, but at just  $2.2million it is surprisingly “sensible” (by LA standards) for this veteran Hollywood player with such a fast-rising star.    Continue reading


In neighborhoods across Los Angeles residents have been revolting against the development of mega-mansions that impact the character and quality of life in their neighborhoods. And in many of these areas fears are rising that these huge homes, many built on spec, will sit empty for years to come. What’s being done to address these concerns? Click here to read more Continue reading