New research from Zillow shows buyers are paying a premium for homes with solar energy. And in the Los Angeles metro, that premium is 4%! Sounds like ti might be time for you to consider going green to save yourself money now and earn a premium when it comes time to sell you home.   Click here to read more Continue reading


At last…the tide turns! New research from Redfin shows that more and more West Coast homebuyers are winning the first home they put an offer on! And while this reflects trends across much of the U.S., gains in homebuyers winning that first home are greatest in the West! Buyers….start your engines! Your time has come!   Click here to read more Continue reading


Here’s a bold idea – to add depth and elegance to a room why not paint an accent wall black? A black wall adds drama to any space and creates the perception of depth yet also brings a sense of coziness. The background of a black wall also allows your furniture, accessories and artwork to really pop for a more exciting visual impact. Lighting is crucial to make sure that the effect isn’t too imposing or goth, so pay attention! But will the black accent wall stand the test of time, or is this just a short-term design trend? Like the little black dress, I think this idea won’t go out of style! Click here to read more Continue reading


The shortage of affordable housing has been the focus of discussions in West Hollywood for some time now.  And while new apartment and condominium projects have dotted the landscape, there is a lack of diversity in the types of housing offered and a lack of creativity and innovation in truly addressing workforce housing needs.  I have been advocating for co-living communities for several years as an alternative that is well-suited to the core values of our community and the people who seek to live here.  Your thoughts?   Click here to read more Continue reading


As interest rates remain low, the outlook for employment remains strong and consumer confidence is high, it appears that the spring real estate market is firing on all cylinders.  And whether you are a buyer or seller, things are looking pretty good.  But as seller’s prices begin to drop and inventories of available homes for sale shows sings of increasing, all may not be completely rosy…for sellers anyway.  Buyers…this may be your time! Click here to read more Continue reading


This contemporary home in Bel Air reflects extraordinary attention to detail in design. Every fixture, piece of furniture and finish in every room appears to be custom designed for the space it serves. The angles of the structure itself and the use and placement of Fleetwood doors take advantage of the breathtaking views and make for a seamless indoor-outdoor flow. The home features virtually every luxury and amenity one could dream of. And OMG…that infinity pool! This spectacular home raises the bar for the art of luxury living. Click here to read more Continue reading


I recently showed a client a 1926 Tudor-style house that he loved but he was concerned that the interiors were too dark. Working with a designer we developed new lighting schematics and identified new paint colors to address his concerns, though ultimately he balked at the expense involved. If lack of light in your home is affecting you, fear not! You can brighten up your rooms considerably with these designer tricks that don’t require costly renovations…. Click here to read more Continue reading


Actor/Writer/Producer/Director Joseph Gordon-Levitt has listed his 1940’s ranch style home in the Franklin Hills area for $3.85 million. Reflecting the signature style of renowned Hollywood architect Paul Williams, the four bedroom, three bath house features a pool and pool house on its hilltop site of more than a third of an acre.  Click here to read more Continue reading


Tomorrow (April 10) is the due date for the next installment of your property taxes. And let’s face it, writing that check can be painful. But how do we compare to the rest of the country? You may be surprised….   Click here to read more Continue reading


Have you outgrown your home? Or are you finding that certain things that you adapted to over the years are now grinding at you? It may be time for a renovation…or an entirely new home. But how do you know which is the better alternative for you? Zillow to the rescue! This quick quiz will help you to sort through the issues driving your need for change and will help you to determine whether your best alternative is to love it or list it. Click here to read more Continue reading