2019 is just around the corner and if you’re thinking of doing some updating in your home Elle Décor ‘s favorite designers share their tips for “what’s hot, what’s not” trends tips to guide you.   Click here to read more Continue reading


A beachfront home in Malibu’s Carbon Beach with A-list Hollywood pedigree has hit the market for $15.95 million.  Originally built by Debbie Reynolds and then owned by producer Gary Marshall, the house is surprisingly un-Hollywood with a warm, traditional, lived-in feel reminiscent of the homes in the suburbs of Chicago where I grew up.  But then there is that one teeny difference…it sits right on one of the most exclusive stretches of sand on the California coast! Click here to read more Continue reading


If you’re a fan of modern architecture and design this one’s for you.  From coast to coast Derring Hall brings you their top picks for modern homes. Click here to read more Continue reading


The former estate of Eddie Murphy and ex-wife Nicole Mitchell Murphy will hit the auction block on Oct. 27. Located in the Sierra Nevada foothills this extraordinary estate features a spectacular modern mansion of 12,600 square feet and a guest house that, at 5,200 sq feet, would be considered large for most families. This is a “you’ve got to see it to believe it” property. Click here for more info Continue reading

TRENDS IN REAL ESTATE takes a new look at the current housing market with an analysis of the inventory levels by market. It highlights the simple rules of supply and demand and explains pricing trends. And the list of top 10 metros where inventory shrinkage has been the greatest may just surprise you. Click here to read more Continue reading


It seems to be all about millennials these days.  Where are they shopping?  What are they buying?  Where do they live?  According to a recent report from CNBC it seems that millennials are heading out west in pretty significant numbers.    And among the top neighborhoods drawing this group, three are right here in Los Angeles. Click here to read more Continue reading


According to Karl Kaufman, a contributor to Forbes, if you earn more than $100K you may want to rethink postponing that new home purchase until 2019 and lock in something this fall.  Despite some confusion, potential buyers may benefit more from changes in the tax laws by buying before the end of the year.  Add in the real possibility of increasing interest rates and the dynamics of the fall market which tend to be a bit more favorable to buyers, and it all suggests that you put on your track shoes and hit the ground running to grab your dream home this fall. Click here to read more Continue reading


If you’re a lover of interior design we’ve got the new “must-have” coffee table book for you!  Legendary New York design editor Wendy Goodman has created a compilation of her favorite rooms from over 30 years of visits to the homes of the rich and famous.  With incredible photos and fascinating insider stories, this book is sure to be filled with lots of fun and some great design inspiration. Click here to read more Continue reading


With a blend of new residential developments, hip clubs and restaurants and easy-to-access metro stops it is happening in Koreatown!  To some, the density may make it feel a bit crowded, but if you’re looking for the energy and excitement of a Class A city, you’ll find it here! Click here to read more Continue reading


As major retail and residential development projects reshape neighborhoods it is fascinating to watch what happens.  Some are wildly successful, others are not.  We have to examine the impact on these communities both in terms of the growth and opportunities presented by the new residents moving in and the impacts on the people currently living in those communities.  This interesting article looks at the community effects of redevelopment in six cities across America. Click here to read more Continue reading