When it comes to creating outstanding television, Ryan Murphy has proven he has the goods. His TV series, including “Nip Tuck”, “Glee” “American Horror Story” and last season’s groundbreaking series “Pose” are some of the most addictive shows to ever hit the airwaves. And when it comes to real estate, it seems he similarly has the ability to create outstanding properties. Case in point…the contemporary estate in Laguna Beach that he has recently put on the market. Click here to read more Continue reading


I came across this article in The Washington Post and it was music to my ears.  Educators may be the most undervalued and under-recognized members of our workforce today.   Teaching is one of the most important professions in the world, training our children to excel into the future, yet in may markets educators are not paid anywhere near enough to afford homeownership.  Now, a new “equity share” program offered in  Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego and Los Angeles – and soon to expand into additional markets – will enable teachers to buy homes in the more expensive areas where they work.  Click here to read more Continue reading


Talk about putting the spec in spectacular! This extraordinary 24,000 sq foot Beverly Hills spec mansion is a showcase of contemporary design, luxurious finishes and all the amenities for the ultimate in indoor-outdoor California living. But how close will those offers come to the $46.5million asking price?   Click here to read more Continue reading


Uh oh! It seems that my secret is out. For nearly two years I’ve been introducing clients to Windsor Square. For a variety of reasons, I’ve felt this is the next hot ‘hood for smart buyers. Now the Property Brothers, John, and Drew Scott, have just purchased their second fixer upper in the area. Listen up…when the Property Brothers make a move, pay attention! There are some great homes just waiting for your TLC….give me a call and let’s take a look! Click here to read more Continue reading


As more and more cities crack down on Air BNB, is the promise of big payouts for investors over? While there are still cities where you can pull in big cash from short term rentals, proceed with caution. Make sure you are updated on local laws and just in case the rules change, look for markets where there are strong opportunities for long term rentals and capital appreciation. In the meantime, Realtor.com shares the top 10 cities right now where short term rentals can generate big cash.   Click here to read more Continue reading


This one may have been a long match for tennis star Serena Williams, but she has finally sold her 6 bedroom, 7 bathroom Bel-Air Traditional mansion for $8.1M. First listed for $12M in October, 2017, Ms. Williams final sale price still represented a healthy win over her $6.62M purchase price. Set on over 2.7 acres the lavish estate includes a bar, beauty salon, pool, cabana and lush private hiking trails. Game. Set. Match. Click here to learn more Continue reading


New research from Zillow shows buyers are paying a premium for homes with solar energy. And in the Los Angeles metro, that premium is 4%! Sounds like ti might be time for you to consider going green to save yourself money now and earn a premium when it comes time to sell you home.   Click here to read more Continue reading


At last…the tide turns! New research from Redfin shows that more and more West Coast homebuyers are winning the first home they put an offer on! And while this reflects trends across much of the U.S., gains in homebuyers winning that first home are greatest in the West! Buyers….start your engines! Your time has come!   Click here to read more Continue reading


Here’s a bold idea – to add depth and elegance to a room why not paint an accent wall black? A black wall adds drama to any space and creates the perception of depth yet also brings a sense of coziness. The background of a black wall also allows your furniture, accessories and artwork to really pop for a more exciting visual impact. Lighting is crucial to make sure that the effect isn’t too imposing or goth, so pay attention! But will the black accent wall stand the test of time, or is this just a short-term design trend? Like the little black dress, I think this idea won’t go out of style! Click here to read more Continue reading


The shortage of affordable housing has been the focus of discussions in West Hollywood for some time now.  And while new apartment and condominium projects have dotted the landscape, there is a lack of diversity in the types of housing offered and a lack of creativity and innovation in truly addressing workforce housing needs.  I have been advocating for co-living communities for several years as an alternative that is well-suited to the core values of our community and the people who seek to live here.  Your thoughts?   Click here to read more Continue reading